On top of seductively ravishing men left and right and simply being hellaciously cute, Jennifer Garner seems to also want to add "producer" to an already blossoming résumé (replace Jennifer Garner with Nick Nunziata and it’s hilarious how accurate that sentence remains).

Reportedly, Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to remake the 2004 Japanese hit, Be With You, with Garner lined up to star as well as produce under her newly formed Vandalia Films production label. The original film was helmed by Nobuhiro Doi (whose previous works include a couple of TV movies) from a novel by Takuji Ichikawa.

Here’s a brief rundown: "On her deathbed, a dying young woman tells her husband and young son that she will return to them. A year later, father and son happen upon a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to the dead woman."

Concept sounds a bit familiar but it could be interesting with the right execution, I guess. My bet would be to check out the original… ’cause, you know, remakes tend to suck.

Spy-darling Jennifer Garner most recently just completed Catch and Release (a rom-com for Columbia written and directed by Erin Brockovich scribe Susannah Grant) alongside Juliette Lewis, Timothy Olyphant, and Kevin Smith of all people.

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