The Fast & The Furious is one of those franchises that has managed to maintain enough quality and fill itself with enough solid action that it’s never accumulated the ill will that other long-running series aimed at a younger crowd do. I certainly enjoy the films, though the first one was perfectly timed with my burgeoning adolescent appreciation for fast cars (along with a traditional family involvement in the auto industry) so perhaps there’s nostalgia at play.  In any event, many chewers are likely to have at least a passing interesting in Fast Five, so for them I present the one-sheet for the fifth film in the franchise, originating from IGN (as if you’d miss that watermark).

Yeah, I don’t believe for a second that those cars or actors were ever moving, but the poster is at least striking for its confidence in the essential premise and names behind the movie. The new name is of course, Dwayne Johnson, and director Justin Lin is quite excited about it.

“I’m a huge fan of Dwayne and I’ve always felt like for me as a movie fan, if you want to equate it to the ’80s, it’s almost seeing Schwarzenegger and Stallone together in their prime in a film. I’ve always wanted to see something like that and I feel like these are two big action stars that I’ve always wanted to see on screen together. And I think The Rock, or Dwayne, he definitely has the presence to become the real antagonist to our characters.”

That’s from Justin’s interview with IGN, where he also notes his continued love for practical stunts and unwillingness to take this franchise 3D just yet (though it will be rocking out in IMAX). Considering the nature of the action promised in the teaser trailer, I think he made a wise call.

Going back to the poster, I like the design as there is a lot negative space to creatively fill. Perhaps… captions? Yes, I think captions…

I want to read what you clever chewers can come up with via the comments below, or whip it up using the graphic above and post it on the message boards…

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