Sometimes dead is better.

The L.A. Times is reporting that the long-planned remake of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary is seeing motion over at Paramount. Matthew Greenberg (of 1408, another King adaptation) is almost done with his script for the film, and Paramount is apparently seeking a “high-level” director for the project.

If you’re unaware, the 1989 original starred Fred Gwynne and dealt with a pet cemetery where the pets (and humans) came back from the dead. King actually wrote the script himself and it turned out to be an effective flick, although a crappy sequel followed a few years later.

The book was perhaps my earliest experience with literary horror as a kid, as I sneaked it from my Grandmother’s library as a young kid based solely on the awesome cover and devoured it, along with Carrie, It, Cujo, and even… <gulp>… The Tommyknockers. Curious how it would hold up if I went back to it.

Anyway, it hasn’t been that long ago that the original came out but this is certainly a film that could be successfully remade. More as we hear it.