csaSpike Lee’s next film, The Inside Man, not only has a title ripe for porn but also a cast ripe for porn – Great Actor Porn.┬áPreviously Denzel Washington, Jodi Foster and Willem Dafoe have been announced for this film about a cop vs a clever bank robber stuck in a hostage situation. Now more actors have been announced, and Spike is definitely getting some of the best new and character actors for his film.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Christopher Plummer, Peter Gerety, Peter Frechette, Jason Manuel Olazabal, Darryl ‘Chill" Mitchell and Ashlie Atkinson have all joined the cast of the film, which starts shooting soon in my hometown of Brooklyn NY.

The Inside Man is set for a March 24th release, and I hope it’s the moneymaker Spike needs so he can get back to doing smaller and more experimental and interesting films, even if they don’t always work. Not that The Inside Man doesn’t sound interesting, but I like Spike best when he’s making movies that piss people off.