Mere hours after Samuel L. Jackson revealed he was screen-testing for a SHIELD sidekick, Heat Vision has the final candidates.

We still don’t know who the character is, just that she is “a key member of the espionage agency run by Nick Fury.”

We also know she’s brunette, and that Marvel wants her for the usual 9 movie deal. But they wanted Clark Gregg for that 9 movie deal too, so that’s no guarantee we are looking at a big Waspish character. Marvel refused to comment on all Wasp/Janet Van Dyne rumors, but again, that doesn’t mean anything.

Does the short list give anyone a clue? They’re deciding between Morena Baccarin (oh Joss!), Jessica Lucas, Cobie Smulders and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

They…they look like all the brunettes in the Marvel universe!

I still think Maria Hill is a solid candidate (and that’s certainly who the gorgeous four faces scream to me — they all look just like her) but two of our commenters are championing Agent Valentina Allegra De Fontaine.   We are getting the Howling Commandos, so why not the Femme Force too…?

Your guess is as good as mine.