casWe normally don’t link to stuff like this, but Hustle & Flow kicked my ass when I saw it a couple of weeks back and I want to try to get it into the CHUD reader consciousness. It’s the story of a smallĀ  time pimp and weed dealer who takes one last shot at redemption by becoming a rapper, and it’s anchored by the astonishing performance of Terence Howard, last seen earlier this year as the best thing in the movie Crash. If 8 Mile was Rocky, Hustle & Flow is Raging Bull (don’t be surprised to see that line in my glowing review, since I’ve been saying it to everyone to whom I talk about this film). It’s easily one of the best films of the year, and would be even in a year that wasn’t as shitty as 2005 has been.

Coming Soon! has an exclusive clip where Howard’s Djay is working in his new, shitty home studio with DJ Qualls (who seriously is very good in this) and Anthony Anderson (ditto). Where 8 Mile focused on how a rapper’s life influences his rhymes, Hustle & Flow gives us a cool peek into the production process. The song they end up with is called "Whoop That Trick," and if the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had a single testicle among them, it would be nominated for best original song at the end of the year – along with Terence Howard.

Click here to visit Coming Soon! and to see this clip, which only gives you a glimpse at the hardcore and incredible Hustle & Flow.

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