Uwe Boll may be the most impressive filmmaker of our times. The man is truly awe-inspiring. It takes a special sort of talent to be so prolific, to create so many films in such a short span of years, and not have a single one at least accidentally turn out watchable. The man’s entire oeuvre is sub so-bad-it’s-good. It is just bad. No amount of beer can make them funny. More impressive yet, is that despite this astronomical feat, Boll continues to get funding for other films.

As you may already know, Boll’s latest film could be his magnum opus – Auschwitz, his grimy torture porn about the WWII concentration camp. Normally such a clusterfuck of poor taste would be a must-see film for me, but again, we’re dealing with Boll here. He sprinkles some kind of magic elf dust on his films to make them insufferable.

Wanna know what isn’t insufferable?

Watching this Dutch kid trying to get a word in and interrupt Boll during the interview below. The interview comes from the Dutch site Movie Sense, and the kid doing the interview is actually doing an admirable job, asking Boll interesting questions about the film. Boll of course blathers on in his signature bubble of clueless self-delusion. It is fascinating listening to him talk about the Holocaust as though people aren’t totally aware of the awful things that took place in places like Auschwitz. Oh, they killed Jews? In fake showers, you say? Well, at least they didn’t pull out their gold teeth. Wait, what? They did?! Thank god we’ve got heroes like Uwe Boll fighting to uncover these truths that have been hidden from us by the History Channel and every single movie about Jews in WWII ever made.

The first three minutes are the most amusing here. Only diehard Boll mockers will be interested in viewing the entire thing – or I guess diehard Boll fans. Are there any? Any?

Thanks to Tom for the link!