Pall. Stan Lee. 

It never fails. From time to time I’ll see a news bit or something that tells us of a new project Stan Lee is working on (the latest) or some multi-million dollar deal built around new characters he’s created. And I want to puke each and every time.

Stan Lee sucks. Hard.

Let me beat you to the punch, haters. Say what you want to about my comic strips, comic books, and other projects… there’s no one paying for them. There’s no one asking for them. I put them in front of you without any requests or fees or expectations and (typically) you shit on them. It’s different from what Stan Lee has been doing for the past twenty odd years.

Let it be said that his legacy is impossible to fuck with, though I wonder how much of it can be attributed to his collaborators…

He’s a legend, no doubt. Also, there should be a desire by studios and people in power to financially and creatively allow the greats of yore to finally be rewarded for their great work in the trenches making it easier for everyone who followed to yield big checks and high profile deals.

Stan Lee doesn’t need the help. He’s a rich master. He can afford to have Jack Kirby exhumed and retrofitted with robot limbs and a jet pack chin. He could have Steve Ditko cloned so many times that there could be a Ditko greeting at every Wal-Mart. He could outfit Bernie Wrightson and Mike Ploog with platinum fists and Dave Cockrum could rise like a Phoenix from the tomb every Tuesday with a smile and a set of brand new Hummers in every color, including see-through.

To see the creator of Stripperella and the patron saint of the worst cameos ever continually assail our psyche with his regurgitated ideas and mediocre creations just tells me me that no matter how far forward we move we still are in a medieval state in the world of empowering the right comic creators.

We live in a world where Steve Niles is a more successful comic book to film story than Warren Ellis.

Stan Lee needs to retire. In 1982.

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Today, a video of my writing process from a year and a half and fifteen pounds ago. It applies to an outdated draft of 11 Colonels Attack!, but you’ll get the point. It’s almost true too:

11CA! – Nick Nunziata on Writing

– Nick Nunziata wishes Jack Kirby was the living one.