This one comes to us via a tipster named Elliot ….

There was talk back in the summer that Samuel L. Jackson wouldn’t be making cameos in Thor or Captain America.  Given Marvel’s deep and abiding love for postcredit cameos, and how quickly they can film them, this seemed slightly unlikely.

And it was!

Samuel L. Jackson was on Jimmy Fallon tonight, and he confirmed that he’ll be making cameos in both films. He’s spending two days or so filming cameos, though he’s unsure whether they will appear after the credits or not.

He also mentioned that they are holding auditions for a special lady friend for Nick Fury.  He’s screen testing with a number of actresses who will be his “sidekick” and “be with him all the time.”

Our tipster posits that it may be Wasp, but I wonder if it’s Maria Hill, topnotch SHIELD agent, and eventual successor of Fury.   She’s one of the closest things he had to a sidekick over the years, though he had his share of Bond girls (Fury girls?) early in his solo series.

We shall see. The Avengers is due to go before a camera soon.

Thanks again to our tipster Elliot.  You don’t know how weird it is to see my beloved pug’s name in my inbox, and sending me Avengers news no less. My dog is a huge Marvel fan, so it was within the realm of possibility….