cvOn June 29th, Earth goes to war.

Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, an updating of the classic HG Wells novel, is the blockbuster to beat this summer. My review is embargoed until release, but I don’t think that Paramount is going to mind too much if I tell you that this is a damn good movie. Nothing I had seen had led me to believe that the film would be as good as it is. War of the Worlds is scary, smart and just plain well made.

I know that you guys love the Tag Team Review, and we wanted to do one, but circumstances have made it so you only get my take for the time being. Click here to read the review!

Between now and the film’s release we’re going to be hitting you with more War of the Worlds content than you can shake an alien death machine at. Yesterday I attended the massive press junket for the film here in New York City, and I have interviews with the cast and crew – including Spielberg and Tom Cruise – to unload on you.

Kathleen Kennedy – Producer

Dakota Fanning

Tim Robbins

David Koepp - Screenwriter

Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg (coming soon!)

Dennis Muren – FX (coming back soon!)

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By the way, we’re not just blockbuster madness here at CHUD – in the next few weeks look for my interviews with people as diverse as Nick Frost, Ken Foree, Gus Van Sant, John C Reilly, Terence Howard, and the Quadrapalegic Rugby players from the great documentary Murderball. And that’s just me – with Russ and George on board, Eileen kicking ass with Fetal Films and Nick and Dave still doing that voodoo that they do so well, summer 2005 should be a great one around here.

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