csaCameron Crowe is one of my favorite filmmakers, which is sort of a weird thing – his movies often drip sentimentality, an emotion that I tend to think ruins an otherwise good film. But there’s something so good natured and honest about his stuff – it’s telling that Billy Wilder was his favorite filmmaker, but Crowe never seems able to bring himself to echo Wilder’s bite and bile.

But that’s OK, because that’s not who Cameron Crowe is. Cameron Crowe is the kind of guy whose next film is a family epic that won’t make you feel bad about feeling good at the end, and may just present the validation of Orlando Bloom, a guy who makes a lot of movies he doesn’t actually have to act in. The film is called Elizabethtown, and the publicity machine is getting started on it right now. The latest aspect of the blooming blitz is an internet-only trailer, about seven minutes long, scored to Elton John (of course it’s a rock song. This is a Cameron Crowe movie, people). Elizabethtown is filled with actors who I frankly don’t have a lot of faith in, but the trailer has so many gorgeous shots and little spikes of emotion that I can’t bring myself to doubt Crowe yet.

Do yourself a favor – turn up the speakers, settle back in your chair and enjoy the internet-only trailer for Elizabethtown right here.