Hey, look it’s a blog.

So, how many times have I tried to start something to get me going regular like here in the blogs only to have them fail? Well, I tried a news wrap up and decided that no one cared. So, then I started reviewing classic masterpieces and then stopped. I really want to do that, but it requires determination and I procrastinate more than I determinate. Or something …

There will be more whenever I get the urge.

What can I talk about that is interesting? How about my favorite thing in the world – incoherent ramblings?

I think I’ll just talk about whatever shit is in my mind. That’s actually what a blog is all about right? If I do this every day, it will last like three days. Tops. How about if I do it weekly? Then every once in awhile throw in one of the classic reviews? Cool?

Sounds good to me, at least.

You may have noticed in this week’s Special Edition I talked a bit about an independent flick called Attitude for Destruction. There is a reason for that, you know. I emailed a few independent filmmakers who had films coming out this week to see if they had anything to say about their movie. I do that, you know. I don’t just click on Amazon and randomly slip in titles, I actually do research sometimes. Well, out of all the three filmmakers I emailed, Ford Austin, the director of Attitude emailed me back. He also gave me lots of info about his movie. I like that, someone who wants to talk about his flick. The other two filmmakers got their movies stuck in the “other DVDs” column. Austin got his highlighted in my column. I hold the power, bitches. Other directors who have received my special treatment include Rick Walker (The Fun House) and Brett A. Hart (Bone Dry). If you want me to talk about your flick, talk to me. It’s called free publicity.

I am finishing my latest movie – and it’s a zombie movie. I know that everyone says that the zombie genre is getting a little too much right now because everyone and his mother is putting out a zombie movie. I don’t give a shit. I planned this short early last year (2007) and we are now finishing it. It is a religious zombie satire that compares being a brainless zombie to being a brainless follower. It also borrows heavily from a book called The Bible (you might have heard of it). I also got some cool zombie makeup work done for me by a guy who knows his shit. Don’t rip on me because I am making “another zombie movie.” I make movies that I feel I want to make and I really don’t care what anyone else is making. Anyone who makes movies based on what other people want are not making movies that are important to them. They suck. And they are more successful than me because they are willing to sell out. Fuck them. I had it in my heart to make a zombie Jesus movie and that is all that fucking matters.

No Country for Old Men was fantastic. In other news, it is cold in the Antarctic. I think the reason I liked the movie so much was the lack of music. It made it really unique and showed a lot of balls by the brother’s Coen because without music, the actors and setups really had to sell it and they did so spectacularly. I also think it was a better film than There Will be Blood. I will also take this time to say that my opinion of There Will Be Blood has changed somewhat. After my initial viewing, I said that I did not know if I personally liked it. I said it was brilliant, but still … I have changed my mind and think it is brilliant and great. I am one of those assholes that changed their minds about the film. Sue me.

There are some filmmakers here in Oklahoma who tried to use viral marketing to advertise their religious based horror thriller and they got investigated by the FBI for it. In their initial trailer, they warned the citizens of Muskogee that something was coming, but never mentioned it was a movie. They had planned a series of these small vignettes that would lead to the reveal that it was a movie. Well, citizens of Muskogee freaked, the police compared it to a kid making a prank 9-11 call and then the FBI began to investigate in case it was a terrorist threat. Then The Bare Bones Film Festival booted their film out of the competition. Then some yokel told the news these guys needed to be punished for scaring her. I hope to be interviewing these guys in the near future to get their thoughts on the entire situation. Oklahoma Rules!

I’ll be posting my top movies from 2008 as the year goes on.  SO far this year, I have seen one new (2008) movie, so here is my list for the Best of 2008 as seen by me!

1. The Ruins

Yeah, that was easy.