I don’t know if it’s because of all the movies I have watched or simply a coincidence but I develop weird attachments to some of the things I own.

Take for example my car. We needed a second car when I got my new job because now  my wife and I work in opposite directions. The car we bought is a 15 year old VW Golf with a dent in the boot, but I love the hell out of it, so much so I named her Daphne.  I don’t know why, but the car just seemed like a Daphne. Then, I made the further mistake of adding the Ghostbuster’s Tax disc and matching sticker my wife got me for Christmas, this pretty much means I can never sell this car because now it is like part of the family.

It doesn’t just end with cars ether. I’m not a big nerd collector but I do have a few nick nacks, including  Spider-man, Stay Puft Marshmallow man, He-Man and Green Lantern. Now these guys have been with me for years, through many house moves and I really can’t bear to think of them stuck in boxes. So much so that after our recent move (a downsize to save money to buy a house) I couldn’t stand the thought of them stuck away in storage with the majority of our stuff, they had to be in the Loft Apartment.*

Is this all pointing to the fact I’m a madman? Probably, but it does raise an interestering question about our attachment to things.  Now I wouldn’t think twice about trading in a PC/Phone/Games console but would have serious doubts about the car, and I would never give up Spiderman, he’s been with for years.  But they mean something to me, they have memories attached to them that make them worth more than their actual value.

Of course i’m not saying these things are more important than my wife or even my pets but they do have value, even if it’s stupid sentimental value.

And stuff it i don’t care if that’s wrong.

*I blame Toy Story for this