was afraid to run this for fear of it being a fake and people laughing
at me and pointing. Then I got confirmation from the man himself, whom
after saying "where did you get that, fucker?" said that it was indeed
the first little bit of material on Pan’s Labyrinth,
his next. Apparently, EMPIRE Magazine ran a small version of this but
the colors were off and it was far from this clear and brilliant.

If you’ve ever seen Guillermo’s little journals of artwork (yeah, he’s a great artist too), and I think one of the Hellboy discs had some images in it, you’ll agree that this looks like something right out of there. Mysterious. Gothic. Sexy.

Yes, I’m a bit biased but I’m also right.

So, enjoy this image from his spiritual companion to The Devil’s Backbone and know that the amazing and spooky tree pictured above is actually in the film and not just symbolic.

Pan’s Labyrinth
begins shooting soon and will be hitting screens in the early portion
of 2006. After that, who knows? Guillermo has written a sequel to a
certain comic book adaptation that might be next.