Masters Bait

I was chatting with one of my softball teammates last night, a guy who has a very young child and was saddled with watching them over the bulk of this past weekend and he was complaining incessantly about how boring the Masters were. Of course, boring and televised golf go hand in hand (and I am a somewhat avid golfer saying this) but thought I didn’t think about it then it dawned on me later that his concept of boring is off center.

Tiger Woods or Lefty Phil didn’t win.

And that is what made the Masters boring. In golf people just expect one of a handful of people to win all the time. If that isn’t the definition of boring I don’t know what it. Trevor Immelman is someone no one thought would win, yet he did. Isn’t that why they have these tournaments, so that people can be entertained and watch the damn thing unfold? If we know who’s going to win every time or close to every time, we might as well not watch, right?

I can’t watch golf on television, not because I don’t love the sport but because I can’t get as caught up in the drama like many do. Plus, the announcers totally piss me off. Inevitably I’ll be at a sports bar to watch baseball and they’ll have the audio of a golf tournament on the PA. Listening to medical transcripts is more engaging.

So, to call a golf event on television boring is like calling a basketball player tall. Duh! Be glad someone new won for a change and move on.

John Makarewicz [who keeps threatening to run a music blog here on this site but so far hasn’t delivered, HINT HINT] went on Thursday and Friday to Augusta to see the event and said that the biggest course of discussion was how Tiger Woods has switched from a size large to a size medium in his shirts.

Yeah. People might need to pick a new sport to obsess over.

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Today, a little art jam between myself and my pal Andrea. We create two identical backdrops (in this case a school bus) and both add an element to the page and then swap pages. We repeat this until it’s filled. Warning: Really crude and rude art to follow. Seriously, pricks, poop, and vaginal misuse aplenty to follow:

– Nick Nunziata likes when people who aren’t the people who always win come out on top for a change.