We’re a week away from the arrival of the possibly life changing trailer for Peter Jackson’s King Kong
film, but as is always the case tidbits are already starting to leak
out. The movie news site Movienewz (who has a spell checker these
days?) showcased a clip of TV video with a few beautiful seconds of
Naomi Watts, a T-Rex, and a shadowy foreground ape (ironically also the
ingredients of my Mom’s ziti) and it’s available RIGHT HERE.

Look, it’s way too early to proclaim this as the best thing since Kim
Coates, but between the knowledge that Peter Jackson is a demigod and
that this, not The Lord of the Rings, is his labor of love makes the cockles warm.

I don’t like primates all that much (which explains why I can’t tell
you Terry Labonte’s car number), but this is as "can’t miss" as it gets.

Enjoy the video and prepare for the seemingly endless wait for December.

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