STUDIO: Thinkfilm
MSRP: $29.99
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The Pitch

“What not to do with a film career 101!”

The Humans

Troy Duffy, Taylor Duffy, Jeffrey "Skunk" Baxter, Ron Jeremy, Mark Wahlberg, and Jake Busey.

The Nutshell

I have a new hero, the most unlikely hero of all.

He’s pudgy, opinionated, and brings a sense of mustache twirling Machiavellian glee to the movie industry. Overnight is about the rise and fall of pudgy, opinionated Troy Duffy and the tumult around the making of The Boondock Saints but Troy’s not my new hero. Nope. It’s the guy who made the rock n’ roll bartender rich and then punched his newfound kingdom right in the dick.

Harvey Weinstein. He’s the hero of Overnight, the most unlikely hero of all. While it’s fun to watch unchecked ego spoil under the microscope, it’s more fun to see a guy waste an opportunity and get his ass handed to him by the Miramax Mauler himself. I’ve been critical of the big man before, but here it showcases how his eye for talent also makes him a sort of Tooth Fairy for the people who need a helping hand. He treated Duffy like a God, something that apparently registered profoundly with the filmmaker because a God is exactly as he portrays himself. He even smites his followers, some of which are band members and others their extended circle of friends.

The thing is, Duffy is obviously talented. Even his band, which takes an unhealthy focus for much of the film, is pretty good. He’s also a talented writer. He is confident and unwilling to bend and it’s a shame his antics sunk him because in an alternate universe Duffy and maybe even his Boondock Saints would have been worth following.

The first still from the upcoming sitcom I’m With Busey’s Balls.

The Lowdown

Overnight is a lot of things. It’s a document about how power corrupts. It’s a vindictive missive by two spurned friends. It’s a "warts and all" look at movies. It’s a cautionary tale. That’s how I view it. As a guy making his first scrapings into the business, a jack-of-all-trades wannabe, I see the inherent pitfalls not being avoided but leapt into by Duffy. I took have my "Syndicate" of people I want to involve in my creative endeavors and I too have a band I wish could one day get a track or two of on a movie soundtrack or something. Who doesn’t? The bottom line is that is one of those car crashes you can’t help but be facinated with even if what is unfolding onscreen is difficult if not heartbreaking.

The film was THIS close to being called Overalls.

As an audience we want the success story. We want to see the regular guy get his chance. Duffy represents a large percentage of the readers of this site. People with ambition and chops that are forced to follow their dreams within the confines of real life and real responsibilities. The next thing you know, you’re 45 years old and it’s all a bitter and faded wish.

It’s not as good as Hearts of Darkness or The Hamster Factor, but Overnight is a good way to kill a few hours and see what could happen if you or I mishandled that one magic chance.

7.5 out of 10