Every time I hear the term “sexual predator” my first sophomoric reaction is the visual of a hunter alien uncloaking and then stripping for some hot sex. Then reality seeps in.

The Predator would never bother stripping, but rather have his prehensile urethra stab through the chestplate of whomever he was making love with and leave his seed scattered throughout their entire existence. There’s no romance when you’re a high-toned son of a bitch.

And is his sperm glowing green as well? That would be hard to hide from the parents. No way an adolescent Predator is going to convince Mom that he was practicing the Rites of the Unknown when there’s green envy splattered all over the cosmic couch.

So, Trust.

It’s the story of a more terrestrial sexual predator, one who meets a young lady online and ultimately spoils her with his nefarious doings. Actually the film is the story of the fallout of that act, a family drama where parents Clive Owen and Catherine Keener (a very good pairing) try to make sense of what their daughter (Liana Liberato) is going through and to catch the villainous pervert.

The film was somewhat well received at the Toronto Film Festival last year and the really interesting thing is that David Schwimmer is the director. I didn’t know (or chose to forget) he made the shitty Run Fatboy Run, so it’s interesting to see if he can handle this kind of material without being too sappy or light.

Anyway, there’s the poster. I’m going to go back and think about aliens fucking some more.

Thanks to IMPAwards for the poster!