February 1

Media: Black Plague. Dying God.

Music: The Black Keys. Uploaded a finished Wizard’s Keys song, Less Like You.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: Mama’s Pizza! My good friend since 1979, Jimmy Vavaroutsos’s place. Introduced Renn and Andrea to the delight. Had a little bit of Grand Imperial, which is almost as good as Grand Marnier at a third the price.

Family: Mom’s car went to Hell so I ended up picking up Sofia and getting to see them a little bit. Played a darts game with Mom and Catherine (who was horribly distracted by Facebook) and then played real darts with Mom for a good long time. She finally got to sample my Pritchard’s Cranberry Rum, a drink that mixes with coke like a dream.

Friends: The aforementioned pizza dude, plus the staff of great, plus a surprise visit by none other than Justin Waddell.

Work: Rough day. Struggled to find a rhythm and it seemed outside forces were conspiring against me. Got a lot of watching done for future reviews and picked up some slack on a Movie of the Day.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: Nope.

Minutia: Sam Strange left CHUD for Badass Digest. That was the last thing I got to discover before going to bed. Went to bed feeling like chopped liver. The mods at CHUD and I discussed sending a high profile persona to the streets. By the way, I hope that person follows Mr. Strange to his new home.

Activity: Not nearly enough.

Shrink’s Chair: The amount of time we are spending on technical shit and bugs and stuff is massive. It cuts into the time we spend on making fun stuff. And it’s so hard to enjoy the compliments and obviously satisfied readers what with the loud malcontents spoiling it.

Asshole of the Day: Asshole’s not the right word…

Looking ahead to tomorrow: More of the mire. The weekend is where I’ll be able to work without being interrupted.

The Day’s Rating: