Kalypso Media announced today that Tropico 4 is coming our way in April 2011.

Tropico 4 is of course the latest in the popular Tropico dictatorial city building sim, and will be available for both the Xbox 360 and PC.  One only hopes it’s as great as Tropico 3, which many of you picked up thanks to the excellent First Two Hours article from the late Steve Murphy (he’s not dead- just to us.)

There doesn’t seem to be much of a change from the last one, just more, more, more. You still play as El Presidente but can expect to see new superpowers, maps, buildings, missions, challenges, and best of all, new natural disasters like volcanoes and tornadoes. I can’t have been the only kid that used to build up my Sim City only to have a world of natural hurt (and Godzilla) bring it down, right?

The campaign will cover 20 missions over ten new maps. The PC version will also encourage social interaction, as there will be an online leaderboard as well as Twitter and Facebook linking, allowing you to more easily brag to your friends.

More as we hear it but if you haven’t jumped into the world of Tropico, now’s the time. The game’s frequently on sale on Steam and the 360 version is a mere 15 bucks on Amazon. Certainly a good price to be able to exploit an entire nation for your well-being.