CHUD’s archives are being stubbornly silent, but I know we’ve reported on R.I.P.D. before…but I’ll summarize.  Universal is turning Peter Lenkov’s graphic novel R.I.P.D. into a big undead action comedy. Ryan Reynolds is starring, and will play Nick Cruz, a recently murdered police officer who is trying to find his killer from beyond the grave and reunite with the wife he left behind.  As a member of the R.I.P.D (the Rest in Peace Department), he also is tasked with keeping unruly ghosts  in line.

Neal Moritz is producing, and Robert Schwentke is directing.   It’s been lurking in pre-production for a year or so as all eyes are focused on Reynolds’ CG green suit.

But an undead buddy cop comedy needs a buddy, and 24 Frames is reporting that R.I.P.D. finally has one.  Zack Galifianakis is in talks to join the film as Reynolds’ undead partner on the force. 24 Frames thinks it’s a gritty and dark departure for the comedian, though Moritz insisted to Collider the film leaned more towards Lethal Weapon and Ghostbusters goofiness than ghoulish horror.  It suits both actors strengths.

But Galifianakis might not be playing his usual manchild character.   Nick Cruz’s ghostly partner is supposed to be a long dead gunslinger. He’s jaded and cynical, having seen and done it all in his time on the force.  That would be the departure for Galifianakis that 24 Frames is hyping, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that angle has been abandoned for something more suited to his persona and ad-libbing.

Reynolds and Galifinakis. Hunting ghosts. Cracking wise.  I was neither here or nor there on R.I.P.D when it was first announced, but I bet this could satisfy everyone’s Ghostbusters cravings a lot better than a third installment….