I’m not sure you can set out to create a midnight movie. They just happen. Just ask Tommy Wiseau why none of his other ideas have hit gold like The Room.

Alex Cox knows a thing or two about them: he wrote and directed 1984’s Emilio Estevez/Harry Dean Stanton-starring Repo Man, which has since graced many screens, year after year, often as a late-night show on a Saturday night. Since that subject matter worked so well the first time around, Cox mined that well again with his latest, Repo Chick, starring Jaclyn Jonet, Miguel Sandoval, and Rosanna Arquette.

As per the official release:

The comedy tells the tale of spoiled rich girl Pixxi De La Chasse (Jonet), whose family has disinherited her for an apathetic attitude and countless driving arrests. When her car gets repossessed, Pixxi ends up getting hired by repo men and soon becomes the best repo chick around. On a fateful hunt to track down antique railroad cars, Pixxi becomes entangled in a terrorist plot to blow up downtown Los Angeles. Now it’s up to her to save the city.

Sure sounds like it could fit the bill of a cult classic. Time usually tells with these sorts of things. Though, we’ll find out soon enough since it hits stores on Blu-ray and DVD next week on February 8th.