The wishes and dreams of a million fanboys and girls have finally paid off.  According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to join The Dark Knight Rising.

It’s not known what role he will play.  If this is truly the work of a thousand hopes and dreams, Gordon-Levitt will either be the Riddler or the Joker. (Christopher Nolan has said no one would replace Heath Ledger, but perhaps you personally changed his mind.)

There have been a lot of whispers and rumors that TDKR will actually feature three villains — two men and Catwoman — and Hugo Strange remains a popular pick. But the Batman rogues gallery is pretty damn big, and it’s even possible Gordon-Levitt could be some combination of characters.

Or he could be a good guy! A journalist determined to clear Batman’s name, or a cop who silently sides with him, and covers his tracks. Who knows.  But considering this was an actor that people have been wishing would sign up since the credits rolled on The Dark Knight, you’re undoubtedly a happy camper just at the words “in talks.”