Why are we one of the best websites out there? Because we don’t make demands, and just give you free shit but more importantly, the free shit is rounded out by a daily onslaught of content. Daily. Including weekends. It’s all free, as are the prizes below, all of which are on their way to the mail box store in a giant Hefty bag tomorrow morning.

What do we ask in return? Maybe you can pick up some CHUD and RON shirts to help us out. Maybe you can click around on all the news stories each day. Maybe you can actually send us feedback on our stuff (especially the DVD reviews, editorials, and comic strips) or contribute to intelligent discussion on our boards. It’s really all we ask.

That said, here’s the latest batch of winners of various contests. I have more copies of these titles held back for some future contests too, so pay attention.


James Kaleta, Alaska
Frank Shelnutt, New York
Laura Munoz, California


Micah Robinson, Georgia
Brian Collins, Maryland
Alvin Turner, Ohio
Damon Houx, California
Mike Kim, California
Brian Odle, North Carolina
Brian Wehman, Ohio
Stacie Distin, Tennessee
Sam Roberts, Arizona
David Cortes, Virginia


Kevin Wolfhard, Canada
Craig Zablo, Florida
Mike Nelson, California
Will Hindmarch, Georgia
JS Wooten, Tennessee
Kevin Morrison, Pennsylvania
Brian Roy, California
Stephen Bryden, Indiana
Dave Ryan, Georgia
Bob Bemrose, Oregon


Jon Cassidy, New Jersey
Justin Kelly, Pennsylvania
Jerry Toppa, Arizona
Chris Calogero, New Jersey
Alex Riviello, New York
Jordan Wieleba, Colorado
Andy Luckett, Virginia
Mike Black, Illinois
Abram Valdez, Texas
Chris Trainor, South Carolina