.The Magazine: Wizard #165

The Pitch: The
comic book industry has their glossy, all encompassing magazine and it
is this one. They tend to have their formula and stick to it, but
sometimes they’ll surprise you.

The Cost: $4.99
The Month: July
The Publisher: Wizard Press
Cover Story: The Best of Summer

Main Interview: N/A


  • It’s neat to read the exploits of a Wizard staffer as an extra on The Fantastic Four, even though he looks like he should still be writing for his high school paper.

  • Good but short Joss Whedon article.

  • Solid summer preview.

  • Alex Ross JLA miniseries looks good, was nice to have a 5 page preview.

  • No Kevin Smith!


  • Awwww, the readers got upset about Alex Ross’s Bush painting.

  • I don’t know, every few months they pimp some big shake-up or event in the DC and Marvel Universes and I wonder if perhaps it’s time they took a skeptical look at all these things as they happen instead of when the coast is clear and regimes have changed.
  • I couldn’t yawn more about the "big" Superman/Wonder Woman battle.

  • I don’t care why J. Scott Campbell created his new super team (to please movie execs), it looks like DRAKE.

  • Wizard Bullpen stuff at the back? Pooyan


Loaded, but some of it is obviously geared towards people a lot younger than me.