.The Magazine: EMPIRE #196

The Pitch: The biggest and best movie magazine in the world. Made in the UK. Huge. That’s all you need to know.

The Cost: $8.99
The Month: October
The Publisher: Same
Cover Story: King Kong

Main Interview: Sean Penn


  • Dangerously good and often accurate reviews section and they dish out a lot less five star ratings than before.

  • Nice Kong coverage.

  • Summer preview. Great.

  • The second best coverage for The Amityville Horror around!

  • The Sydney Pollack retrospective is brilliant.

  • Wonderful supplement on Gangster Cinema.


  • As if Craven vs. Cronenberg is a fight even worth considering. It’d be like asking if one liked deadly punches to the facemeat or ice cream.

  • A rather poor Public Access column with Matthew McConaughey.


An outstanding issue. One of the best in recent memory.