There’s going to be an advance screening of Rubber this Thursday February 3rd at the IFC Center, and we’ve been offered 20 pairs of tickets to give away! Not only will you be seeing the movie before most anyone else in the city but there will be a Q&A with director Quentin Dupieux afterwards, so you can bother him with questions about where he got the idea for a killer tire movie.

These are guaranteed tickets to the film, folks. The screening will start at 10:30pm- you just have to make sure you show up before it starts to get in. So please make sure you can absolutely make it if you enter because we want as many of you to see it as possible!

The only way to see Rubber is to get your name on the list, so simply send an email with your full name to creaturecorner at and let me know what inanimate object you’d like to see killing people next. I’ll let you know by tomorrow if you won.

See you there but for now read Jacob Hall’s review of Rubber to get hyped!