If when you hear the name Jon Gries your mind instantly goes to Napoleon Dynamite, you’re a shitty person.

Real Genius. Fright Night 2. Even Taken. These are correct paths for your neurons to take you. Or the countless television and indie film roles the man has graced with his presence and improved. He rarely gets the attention he deserves and in a perfect world he’ll be the kind of actor taken under the wing of a Soderbergh, Tarantino, or Sayles and become one of those “go to” guys that emerge from the margins to shine.

I was delighted to see that The Hollywood Reporter had an article on a movie where Gries is the star, and were so proud of it that they marked it an EXCLUSIVE. Such is the majesty of Gries. And his bearded co-star Val Kilmer.

Deep in the Heart is a feel good true story about a recovering alcoholic who bounced back from the brink to become a millionaire and massively charitable individual. How? Hard work…

…and a fictional bearded man from his imagination who inspires him. That bearded man is essayed by Val Kilmer, a huge fan of Gries (from the Real Genius days) and beards (which cover necks).

Making the concussion of THE PAST even harder is the presence of Christopher Cain, the director of the first Young Guns movie.

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.