Undead Backbrain is reporting that a sequel to the 1959 b-movie The Killer Shrews is underway, with director Steve Latshaw bringing back the cheese. Here’s the poster for Return of the Killer Shrews-

The original film is probably best remembered for its hysterical MST3K spoof, and for being a generally goofy b-movie. The story revolves around a group of people who are marooned on an island where a scientist is performing insane medical experiments on shrews (“The Cruellest Man-Killers Ever Photographed!” raves the trailer). He’s created a pack of giant shrews that are terrorizing the island and the newcomers start getting picked off one by one. In Return of the Killer Shrews the same captain who got marooned half a century ago is hired by a reality show crew (UGH) to go back. But oh no, those shrews are still there! A regular Ripley, this guy is.

The film stars John Schneider and Jennifer Lyons. Reprising his role from the original will be James Best, lead of The Killer Shrews, although much better known as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane from The Dukes of Hazzard. Check Undead Backbrain for a full synopsis and behind-the-scenes photos.

As for The Killer Shrews itself it’s an absolute pile of a movie, meandering and talky and nonsensical. The best part by far are the actual “shrews”, which are actually just dogs that look like they’re wearing rugs. The MST3K version is the only way to go with this one- grab the Seventh box set if you can.