Essential Entertainment has joined forces with Lion Rock Productions to push forward on their remake of The Killer. The upcoming 3D remake of the 1989 John Woo classic (which our Jeremy will hopefully see soon, after his first experience with Hard Boiled went so well) is currently in pre-production, with John H. Lee (Saying Good-bye, Oneday, The Cut Runs Deep) set to direct. Jung Woo-Sung  (the lead of The Good The Bad The Weird) will portray the character made famous by Chow Yun-Fat. Those are some huge shoes to fill- I do not envy the man will one bit.

I’m sure alarms are ringing in fan’s heads right now. A English-language remake in the already-growing-stale 3D format of one of the most beloved action movies all time, directed by a Korean man most known for romantic comedies?

Perhaps producer John Woo can alleviate your fears. “While all my films are special to me, THE KILLER is truly one of my favorites. We are thrilled to reinvent it as an English-language film and know it’s in capable hands by the incredible visual style and tender emotion John H. Lee brings to all his films.”

The film will be set in present day and follow the same basic plot of an assassin who tries to protect a beautiful singer that he unintentionally (and unintentionally hilariously) blinded. The only way he can do that is with the help of an LAPD dectective who’s trying to catch him.

Bets that singer and detective are white? Can’t have too many Asians running up in our films over here, after all.

More cast will be announced soon, and we’ll let you know as soon as we do. For now, reminisce-

Thanks to Felix for the tip!