casI like the 21st century. We have the technology these days to make just about anything happen, whether of not it’s a good idea. From gene splicing to vaginal reconstructive surgery to a live action Underdog movie.

Disney and Spyglass Entertainment are working together to bring the classic, spoofy cartoon Underdog to your local theater, and it’s going to star a real dog. The original show, of course, was about a shoeshine dog who was able to turn into the superpowered Underdog, and then forced to speak only in rhyme. In the movie a 12 year old boy will adopt the shoeshine dog, who has gotten his powers in a freak lab accident, and together they share the secret of Underdog’s existance.

Original show villain Simon Barsinister (one of the all time great cartoon names) and Underdog’s girlfriend Polly Purebreed (hello Aryan Nation!) will also be in the film. Underdog will be acheived via some sort of CGI voodoo, which makes me sad for the days when turning animals into walking, talking characters required nothing more than ingenuity, cruel harnesses, and ground glass inside their lips. Poor Mr. Ed.