ICM (International Creative Management) has already gifted the world with three upcoming Atari film adaptations: Asteroids at Universal, Rollercoaster Tycoon with Sony Pictures Animation, and Missile Command at Fox. So satisfied were they apparently with their management of video game properties that don’t lend themselves naturally to a feature-length film narrative that they’re kicking it up a notch for round two. The Hollywood Reporter is Hollywood reporting that ICM has signed famous toy manufacturer Wham-O for representation.

Wham-O (which was owned for a while by Mattel) was put on the map back in the late 1950’s when they introduced the Hula Hoop. Within a year they also introduced the Frisbee (or Flying Saucer), and were later responsible for the Slip N Slide, Super Ball, and the Hacky Sack. ICM is now looking to package Wham-O’s iconic products for film, television, music and “online content in the same vein as it did with Atari.”

The Coen Bros already made a perfectly excellent Hula Hoop movie, but in case ICM is reading this, I have some ideas for the other products:

Slip ‘N Slide: A horror movie about a giant monster that moves into a quiet all-American suburb looking for children to eat, which it accomplishes with its long tongue that resembles a Slip ‘N Slide, enticing unsuspecting children to slide right into its horrible maw.

Frisbee: The true story about mega producer Joel Silver inventing Ultimate Frisbee in the late ’60’s. That’s actually true by the way. He really did.

Super Ball: In the spirit of Up, a boy who wants to fly into space collects all the super balls he can find and creates a giant super, super ball upon which he can bounce into space. He succeeds, then dies in space. Cautionary sad ending.

Hacky Sack: Set during the mid-1990’s, we follow a naive high school stoner who rises through the ranks of his school’s burnout crowd to become champion hacky sacker. The ending is a flash-forward to him still working at his town’s video store 20 years later. Another cautionary sad ending.

Alright ICM. I shall await my check patiently.