I’ve written before about my enthusiasm for Angry Birds, and just this last weekend I got the “True Angry Birds Fan” Achievement that apparently signals 15 hours of play. That’s standard enough for a console game, but for an iPhone title? Especially one I play almost exclusively in the loo? It was bitter-sweet to say the least.

In any event, my enthusiasm is shared by millions which is probably why Fox reached out to app publisher Rovio to put together a tie-in version of Angry Birds that will likely feature characters, environments, and/or plot tie-ins to their upcoming animated feature Rio. Frankly, I have to hand it to Fox- this was a brilliant call. The kid’s flick hasn’t been on my radar at all, but this got it in front of my eyeballs. I do wish the trailer I subsequently watched (embedded at the bottom) was better, but at least I know the film’s coming- that’s a win for the marketing department.

Along with their frequent (free!) updates with new levels to the original game, Rovio has released several Angry Birds special edition games for holidays in the past, all to great success and fanfare. I have no doubt this new expansion with be equally fun, and hopefully tying in the characters and places will spark them to come up with some clever gameplay features. The app will drop in March, the film in April.

Angry Birds Rio trailer:

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Rio Feature Film Trailer: