casIf you were worried that there were altogether too many mutants appearing in X3, your concerns have been addressed by at least one – there will not be a Nightcrawler.

According to Alan Cumming’s official website: Alan will NOT be appearing in X3. Fox has not picked up his option to play Nightcrawler for a second movie.

I guess we should actually note that Alan isn’t coming back – they may very well hire someone else to be Nightcrawler, especially if his role is reduced to that of a cameo or walk on. Or of course they’ve just written him out of the story – which is weird and tragic, since not only is Nightcrawler one of the best X-men characters, but Alan Cumming was pretty great in the role.

Of course who knows what the hell is going on over at X3 these days. With slimly talented Brett Ratner helming the project now, many fans have started to just give up hoping for a film that will build on the last two successes and have begun to just cross their fingers that it’s not an absolute franchise killer.

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