Sony’s decision on Spider-Man to get out ahead of the leaks has proven to be a wise one, considering how many oglers and lookers-on have managed to snap photos or video of the stunt shooting so far. With how ubiquitous high-res cellphone cameras have become, the necessarily wide-open nature of this kind of shooting, and the fact that the suit looks a bit wonky pre-color correction… they must have seen this coming. Even showing what the suit will actually look like has done nothing to quell the negativity that invariably the bursts into full bloom whenever these things are revealed though. From the first good look at the suit in-motion a couple of weeks ago, to this most recent batch of pictures to slip out, the endless snark and desk-chair costume designing has led to plenty of blowhard discussions of color balance and shoe design.

Ultimately, the thing is red and blue and has a red bug-eyed mask- little else matters. That said, see it in fully post-processed action and I’m sure it will look much sexier than the over-lit stunt suit.

What makes these On Location (password protected) pictures fun is seeing the production in action- especially the shot which seems to have the side of a truck coated in adhesive strips that allow the stunt man to stick on (and will surely be seamlessly painted out later). It looks like there will be a hell of car-chase sequence somewhere in the film- a good thing since high-speed chases are Spider-Man’s bread and butter and there’s been some worry that this film will ditch most of the action for melodramatic romance. Balance! Also, for as long as it lasts, check out a short video of Spider-Man swinging his ass around an 18-wheeler on a web, with the less-than-glamorous ending of a bunch of stunt assistant grabbing the guy once his swing is done.

Also, it’s always worth a chuckle seeing a ridiculously costumed stunt-man chilling out in a suit that probably cost as much as my life.

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