January 29

Media: An old baseball game.

Music: The Menahen Street Band, Make the Road by Walking. Great.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: A little pasta that I made (with locatelli), and then a hanger steak with onions.

Family: Rocco and I went out on the town. It was great and he has become a true little partner of the world. Catherine and I went out for dinner and a drive around the city. I wanted to show her Prohibition, which was closed.

Friends: Nope.

Work: Some good work made on a few future articles.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: Nope.

Minutia: Today was as brain dead a day I could fathom.

Activity: Nein.

Shrink’s Chair: A group of motorcyclists went whipping past us on Peachtree and I believe one of them was in a nasty wreck. I only saw a bit of twisted SOMETHING by the fire truck but that stuff always stays in my head way too long. Last night before I could fall asleep I was having the darkest and monstrous thoughts in my head of really bad things happening to my family. One of the horrible side effects of an active imagination. All the cool shit I like to channel in my writing is doubly effective when applied to reality. I wish I could just turn it off.

Asshole of the Day: The person who hit the motorcycle, or the dude on the cycle going too fast on too narrow a street.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Not fun work either.

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