that just about every other column on this site has organized a contest
for its readers, the warrior-scribes at Thor’s Comic Column figured
we’re way past due in rewarding our readers with some booty…literally.

The good folks over at Dynamic Forces have donated a slew of Red Sonja
comic books for the Viking loyal, and here’s your chance to get a piece
of…ahem… the action. (My goal here is to have a bad derriere joke in
every paragraph folks) The relaunch of Red Sonja has been generating some good buzz, and deservedly so (READ OUR REVIEW OF ISSUE # 0 HERE). It effectively combines the dazzling sword and sorcery of Conan with the cheesecake factor of Shanna the She-Devil. In short, it’s a fun and exciting book.

let’s get down to the brass tacks. Three grand prize winners will take
home the entire set of regular covers (hell, we’ll let you have the
entire issue) for Red Sonja # 1, including a few of
the rare incentive covers. That’s right, the entire set – the Michael
Turner cover, the John Cassaday cover, the Paolo Rivera cover, the
Joseph Michael Linser cover and the Alex Ross cover. Ten first-prize
winners will take home one of those covers / issues, and ten runner-ups
will receive a copy of Red Sonja # 0.

All you have to do is shoot an email to me at and answer these questions:

1. Do you regularly read Thor’s Comic Column (which can be found RIGHT HERE)?

If so, do have any suggestions of how we can improve the column? (For
example, more small press coverage? More trade coverage? More
interviews? More contests?) Any and all thoughts are welcome.

Oh, and including your full name and mailing address would be helpful as well…