ccaDavid Duchovny, whose dreams of an X-Files sequel movie will not die, is biding his time until he can return to his Fox Mulder suit by starring in a movie called The TV Set.

Duchovny will play a down on his luck guy with a pregnant wife who suddenly sells a TV pilot. While he would have hoped this would have cured his ills, he finds that the TV world is a through the looking glass kinda place filled with idiots, asshole stars and executives who are looking to neuter the show.

The film has a pretty good cast, including… wait for it… BEN FUCKING STILLER. Stiller is appearing in something like 498 films in the next 12 months, and I hear that he is traveling to theaters across the nation and getting up in front of movies he isn’t even in and interacting with the screen.

Anyway, the film also stars Steve Coogan (who is also working with Stiller on a movie version of the 70s TV show The Persuaders) and my baby daddy from Arrested Development, Will Arnett.

The really good news is that Jake Kasdan is writing and directing The TV Set, and if he can make this one more Zero Effect and less Orange County, we’re in shape for a truly good picture.