csaThis week I had a chance to catch The Devil’s Rejects, Rob Zombie’s sequel to House of 1,000 Corpses. It’s an OK movie – the film’s a little slack at times and Zombie manages to have so much brutality inflicted on characters we don’t care about that it gets a little boring after a while. Still, there’s some great gore, plenty of nudity (funniest thing – in one scene Captain Spaulding is getting the fuck of his life from a hooker, and the dude sitting next to me slowly puts his hands in his lap to cover up his boner. I wish I could have moved down a seat) and a great soundtrack. It’s sort of like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre of Bonnie and Clyde. By the way, Bill Moseley is so good in this movie that it’s scary. I mean he is completely great.

Anyway, they have this whole elaborate web presence for the film, and the coolest part is this shoot em up game where you’re strangely taking on the role of the police and trying to kill the Rejects. It’s sort of a take off on the opening scene of the film. It’s Friday and I know your lazy ass ain’t getting any real work done today anyway, so why not blow the hell out of some redneck psychobillies?

Click here to play the game!