January 29

Media: 9 Songs.

Music: The Killing Swarm, A Lesson with Each Broken Bone.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: A horrid breakfast sandwich at the gold course. A mediocre chicken wrap for lunch, and boring chicken tenders at The Independent. Pretty heavy booze day, but only because it was a socially diverse day. Golf – Vodka Cran. Jeffrey’s – Jack n’ Coke. The Independent – Newcastle, Allagash White, and Woodford Reserve. Also, a two cigar day.

Family: Played with the little ones a good bit. Spent a lot of good time with Mom.

Friends: Wished Vanessa Sweeney a fair voyage on her exodus to Chicago. Hung with the always delightful Jeff Curry on the golf course. he played well. I played like Satan’s piss valve. Andrea jaunted with us to the bar and absorbed earfuls of family talk.

Work: I wanted nothing to do with work yesterday… and then I remembered the DAILY blog and DAILY Sci-Fi column.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: Worked on lyrics for the song ‘Save My Hat’, for Killing Swarm’s next CD.

Minutia: Did some classified ads to find new help for the site(s). Set up a meeting to help a local bar owner. I watched the video of the Challenger disaster and then spent an hour reading all sorts of tangential minutiae to it. Then i did the same for Columbia (which happened during a CHUD coffee meeting). For some dumb reason I came up with this dumb alt history idea that it collided with a cloaked UFO

Activity: Possibly the worst golf performance of my life. Some weights.

Shrink’s Chair: This is a day where one can very much understand quitting working on the internet forever and never looking back.

Asshole of the Day: Drunk girl at the bar last night with her girlfriend who were absolutely obnoxious and rude and saying things they should have been punished for.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Rocco time! Dinner out with the wife! Cleaning! Reading without a phone or iPad nearby for at least two hours.

The Day’s Rating: