casThe sleuths at Coming Soon! have uncovered a newspaper article that claims that Mr. Hugh Jackman – the Wolverine himself – will be starring in the new Woody Allen movie with Scarlett Johansson.

Don’t get confused – the movie isn’t Match Point, the film Woody made starring Scarlett. That one’s done and was the belle of Cannes. There’s another one he’s working on, and Scarlett’s back for more, and apparently Van Helsing is on for the ride.

Says the article the boys found: Chicago-based celebrity fitness guru Jim Karas is flying to Morocco today and will begin a nine-week globe-hopping training program with Hugh Jackman. After 10 days in North Africa, it’s on to seven weeks in London, where Jackman is filming the new Woody Allen film with above-mentioned Scarlett Johannson.

He’s in training to get back into fighting shape for X3.

As usual, no one knows the name of or plot for, Woody’s next film.