This shows how horrendous of a film person I am. Before The Social Network hit, I’d never had real experiences with Aaron Sorkin. I watched one episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, didn’t like it, watched some Sports Night, never liked it, and caught a collective total of three minutes of The West Wing. The only movie I’d watched of his was a five minute chunk of The American President in a government class I had. When I saw The Social Network, I was entertained immensely and Sorkin suddenly became someone I was going to not be ignorant towards. As in I’d pay attention now.

Which is why this news has me endlessly excited. Aaron Sorkin’s as yet untitled examination about the backstage dealings of a cable news network has been picked up for a pilot by HBO, reports This seems like fairly familiar territory for Sorkin, having built two series around similar concepts, but it’s HBO and Aaron Sorkin. It seems like a natural fit. Additionally, in this hyper-charged political climate dominated by certain media outlets whose name happens to rhyme with socks, the topic is rife with possibilities.

Again, it’s just at pilot, but considering the man’s got a lot of goodwill right now, it’s a sure bet that Aaron Sorkin will be returning to television.