January 28

Media: Goodfellas. Hot Tub Time Machine.

Music: Stanton Moore, Emphasis! (On Parenthesis).

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: Little churgers from Chilis. Dinner omelet made from assorted fridge shit.

Family: Hung out a little while before absolutely collapsing out of exhaustion.

Work: Good productive calls. Progress on the podcast, particularly with the little commercials I did at home (and in the process finding fun new features to Adobe Audition. Andrew Sweeney came by and helped make silly video nonsense, which will bear fruit in the future.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: Nein.

Minutia: My personal Canon 7D was replaced with an imposter, something that seemingly only irritated me. Greatly.

Activity: Nada.

Shrink’s Chair: This is a day where one can very much understand quitting working on the internet forever and never looking back.

Asshole of the Day: Person who cut me off at the light, almost risking my life.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Rest. And more of this.

The Day’s Rating: