casLuke Wilson, brother of the Butterscotch Stallion, is in talks to star in the new Ivan Reitman movie, Super Ex. It’s about a guy who breaks up with his girlfriend only to find out that she’s a superhero, and she uses her powers against him.

It’s part of the next wave of superhero films, which aren’t actually based on comic books but riff on the genre – Will Smith’s Tonight, He Comes is part of it, and Sky High is leading the way this summer. What a perfect climate for a Watchmen movie. Paramount, you dickheads!

Wilson is next going to be seen in the new Mike Judge comedy, which is out in about a month and a half and STILL HAS NO TITLE. This is pretty amazing, and I imagine the marketing types are shitting their pants about it. The movie should have a trailer and teaser by now, but without a title, it’s hard to have you remember what you just looked at.