I can think of few more iconic images of the 1980’s than Prince emerging from the bathtub in the When doves Cry music video. Says everything and nothing, really.

So, on the Blu-ray journey, I’ve bought a couple of titles this week, but the problem has been that I have bought a lot of things I probably won’t watch for a while. When am I going to want to throw on The Wild Bunch? That’s not a spur of the moment flick, that. Of course, right now I have Purple Rain going in the background, and life is good.

Since I assume much of my readership is derived from the boards, I won’t double dip too much on last night at the New Bev, but Dante’s Inferno is in its second set of films, and I’m 2/2. I hope to have a 100% attendance rate for this thing. Anyone in LA, the picture of me here was taken less than a year ago, so don’t be shy if you see me. Or be shy, if that’s how it goes. Again, my favorite moment (besides stepping on Edgar Wright’s toes and blurting out “I never meant to hurt you,” which made Diablo Cody chuckle) was complimenting Joe Dante on his Robot Monster joke in Hollywood Boulevard, and him giving me props for getting it – which was not my intention, but was happy to get them just the same. The greatest thing about the film is how it is a legitimately funny movie. The jokes are funny in it. And Mary Woronov has never looked hotter on screen. Truck Turner was also awesome. When I saw that film at 20, when Truck Turner whips out a six pack, I lost my god damned mind.

Me being me, I left the theater and went out dancing, but I couldn’t hack it for more than an hour on the floor. I was stiff and tired, and nothing was going to change that. Then again, for the last couple days I haven’t got much more than five or six hours of sleep a night – I was not going to stick around for Zulu on Wednesday but a friend suckered me in – and no matter how much I wanted to exercise after being up for fifteen hours, it just wasn’t taking.

There’s not enough Thai food in my life these days. I need to remedy that. I’m totally going to take a nap today, if that explains everything.