csaWho do you look for as a director when you’re remaking the family classic Swiss Family Robinson? If you’re Disney you go right for the dude who directed T3 and U-571, Jonathan Mostow.

It seems like a weird choice to me, but then again no one thought that Scorsese had a women’s film in him after Mean Streets, and he turned out the great Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Now, for the love of God, I am not comparing Mostow to Marty besides the fact that they’re both bipedal carbon based life forms. But the point is, hey! you never know.

Mostow will also take a crack at the script with writing partner Sam Montgomery. There was some talk of updating the story, about a family shipwrecked on an island so boring it has neither hatches or Jeff Probst, to modern times. It was however decided to keep the story in its 1800s time period, to explain the lack of hatches and Jeff Probst.

Mostow isn’t staying in the world of kiddie pictures – he’s going to be directing Will Smith as an alcoholic superhero in Tonight, He Comes and he’s set to make sure that T4 is as completely generic and boring as T3.