kjbkIt’s a big reunion for Felicity creator JJ Abrams and his star Keri Russell – she’s going to be appearing in the "It’s seriously happening even though Tom Cruise has apparently completely lost his mind" Mission: Impossible 3.

Tiny skinny Russell is taking the role once earmarked for curvy, pneumatic Scarlett Johansson, a young spy in training who is taken under Ethan Hunt’s wing. Whether he falls in love with her and spends half the running time suspended from things while wearing all black and smiling like a loon and screaming, "That’s my girl!" is being kept a closely guarded secret.

Keri Russell is, of course, a terrible choice for a role like this, but this whole movie seems to have been balancing on the edge of total disaster for some time. If the movie is in fact finally going to get made, as it seems, it’s only fitting that the film would be miscast and possibly have a script that gets rewritten massively on set. Russell can currently be seen in TNT’s pretty OK Western mini-series Into the West, where she will be getting totally banged out by studly Indian next week (I’ve seen the first three. Send the rest, TNT!)