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As much TV as you think you watch, Uncle Mitch watches more.  With beer in hand at all times. He’s a mythological figure and a great source of fun and special times. At any given time, his blood alcohol level is somewhere around the ratings for American Idol. But that doesn’t stop this drunk bitch from sharing his insights on the week’s TV news.

Brannon Braga Regrets Lack of Gay Characters in Star Trek

Stating that “It was not a forward-thinking decision,” former Star Trek: The Next Generation and ST: Deep Space Nine producer, Brannon Braga, says he regrets that there were no openly gay characters in the Trekverse depicted.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “What, Weyoun doesn’t count?”

NBC Scoops Up Cop Drama Pilot Inspired By Grimm Fairy Tales

NBC has ordered Grimm, a cop drama depicting a world where characters from the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales exist, that’s exec produced by former Buffy and Angel writer-producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “20 bucks says it becomes Law & Order: Deutschland.”

Geoff Stults Joins Michael Clarke Duncan in Bones Spinoff Pilot

Former 7th Heaven star Geoff Stults has been cast alongside Michael Clarke Duncan in the pilot for a Bones spinoff.  He’ll play Walter Sherman, a former military policeman who can find anything.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Bones?  Bullshit..them two ain’t even sucked face yet…”

Charlie Sheen Leaves Hospital

Two And A Half Men star, Charlie Sheen, has left the hospital after being transported to the emergency room Thursday for severe abdominal pains due to hernia.  He’ll return to the show on Tuesday.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Kudos to Sheen’s PR people.  ‘Hernia’ sounds much better than ‘burst coke balloon’…”

The CW Orders Zombie Spec Script, Awakenings

The CW has purchased a spec script for a proposed pilot titled, Awakenings, which centers on two sisters who come of age and face off against one another on the eve of a zombiepocalypse.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Which episode do we get the fake Mexican gangsters…?”

Lucy Lawless Joins No Ordinary Family in a Recurring Role

Former Xena, Battlestar Galactica and Spartacus: Blood and Sand star, Lucy Lawless, will join ABC’s No Ordinary Family in the recurring role of a powerful woman and potential adversary for the Powell family through the final five episodes of the season.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Any chance of her recurring in custom leather?  I’m just sayin’…”

Details Revealed About Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Pilot, Ringer

Among the plot points revealed about the former star of Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s new pilot are that she’ll portray twin sisters and that one will take over the identity of the other when she apparently commits suicide, only to find that her sister’s life was far more complicated and dangerous than she knew.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Just one script note: Freddie Prinze plays her twin brother and offs himself instead…”

The CW Is Delaying the Returns of Smallville and Supernatural for One Week

Due to plans by Baltimore and Chicago to preempt their programming for a college basketball game and a mayoral debate involving Rahm Emanuel, respectively, The CW is delaying the returns of both Smallville and Supernatural for a week in order to give them more of a promotional boost.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “How the hell Lois didn’t know that Dean was Supes till now is beyond me…”