.I don’t know how I feel about the poker craze. While I like the game a lot and think that anything having to do with Rounders (my review)
is brilliant, I get very tired of seeing out of shape people in
headphones and under sunglasses acting all tough and feel that the
celebrity they gain is ill deserved. Then again, I play softball four
times a week and want to pound my chest after a home run, so who am I

Speaking of Rounders, the boys who wrote that film (and good friends of the site) created Tilt
for ESPN, a poker themed crime show set against the backdrop of Las
Vegas and its shady reputation and became wuite a sensation. I watched
all of Season One in one sitting and found myself liking it more and
more. In fact, Adam’s review of the show should pop up later this week
or over the weekend so keep an eye out for that.

I have a hearty box of these DVDs for a bunch of lucky CHUD.com winners who play along this little contest I have cooking.

Here’s how to play:

the link below and including your mailing address, tell me the perfect
5 man table for poker. You’re number six. Five other folks gathered
around the table with chips and booze and snacks and a few decks of
cards. I want to know why you’d pick them, what makes them special and
what you’d talk about and who’d win at the end of the night. The rules
are simple, they can be anyone. You can try to be cool and drop names
of folks like William Burroughs and Eli Whitney or be a crazy fool and
say Tiamat and Paul Prudhomme. Shit, you can have Gallagher and Gandi
or Tim Conway and Adolf Hitler. Just try to actually give me some fun
reading material or thought provoking material so I see you didn’t just
fart out an answer on the assumption that we pick at random. I want
your little brains working.

So, send me your fivesome and please include your mailing address. Also, go read my latest Steady Leak and send some feedback. The lack of response has me really debating whether that was the last one ever.

Oh, and spread the word about Tilt. Koppelman and Levien are soldiers of brilliance and need the fan base they richly deserve.