Next week I’m heading out to San Francisco once again to visit EA for one of their community days- this time for Battlefield: Bad Company. It’s funny, as much as people slam EA (sometimes for good reasons, lots of times not) the employees there are incredibly cool people, and very generous.

It’s going to be a fun time. I’m even more excited for the fact we’re going to be getting an exclusive look at the game- rather than that last Community Day I went for which was for the already-released Burnout Paradise. Not that it wasn’t incredibly awesome, but it’ll be more fun digging up info on a new title. The Beta has already shown what a great multiplayer game is, I’m just hoping the single player can live up to its promise.

This time I won’t have fun Friday night shenanigans to talk about, though- I’m going to be jetting back home so I can make the NY Comic Con on Saturday. Whole lot of goodness going on there, and it’s always fun just for the spectacle. And to make fun of how many fat Anakins are walking around. Yes, the Star Wars dorks are always the funniest part of going to one of these cons, as they’ll dress up in incredibly intricate ways. You can count on at least 50 stormtroopers to show up, and 5 or 6 Darth Vadars.

Also amusing: the NY Jedi Academy, which I really wish was a joke. You haven’t lived till you’ve watched people spin around plastic lightsabers in an choreographed fight. Oh wait, yes you have.

If you go to the Con, look for a guy who looks like the picture above with a Street Trash t-shirt on. I’ll be chainsmoking outside the Javits center and flashing my press badge left and right to bypass the ridiculous lines. But come up and say hi if you manage to grab me.